Self portrait

Hi, I'm Kerem Tomak! I love photography and shoot a wide range of personal and commission work.    

A passionate photographer with a penchant for capturing a diverse array of subjects, both for personal fulfillment and commissioned projects. My lifelong fascination with photography has led me to explore and document the world around me, with a particular focus on wildlife, candid portraiture, and the dynamic movements of people. The wild, untamed corners of the Earth often serve as the most intriguing backdrops for my photographic endeavors.

When it comes to sharing my work, I take great pride in partnering with top-tier print shops like Bay Photo to ensure that my images are reproduced with the highest quality, whether for your personal collection or professional space. I am pleased to offer my photography services to clients both locally and internationally.

Send a message to or call +31621414389 in Netherlands, +14152544095 in the USA


Columbia Gorge Waterfalls,  Bay Area, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Alaska Grizzly Bears, Galapagos, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Costa Rica, Bonaire, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Italy